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Utilizing evidence-based practices and models, Dr. Crumb offers comprehensive services to

various industries and people to improve daily functioning through data driven decision-

making, collective engagement, empowerment, and effective leadership. Dr. Crumb provides

conference keynotes, workforce trainings, and onsite and virtual professional learning

workshops, with varied delivery options (in person or virtual), all tailored to address the unique

needs of your organization. Dr. Crumb has successfully trained thousands of entry level and

advanced level professionals and administrators in designing, implementing, evaluating, and

improving their services, programs, or basic wellbeing. She is 100% committed to getting timely

and sustainable results!

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Wellness  Counseling and Consulting

Fully licensed, mental health professional support is available to address a variety of life

concerns ranging from relationships, life transitions, depression and anxiety, crisis response,

trauma informed care, and a plethora of related life challenges. Let us be your partner to build

to build a better future!




Onsite Professional Learning

In-person professional learning on specialized topics of focus is offered to support the specific needs

of various workforce entities ranging from education, healthcare, human resources, manufacturing,

technology, and other areas. With over 15 years of experience, we are prepared to design a

professional learning program that caters to the precise needs of your industry.




Virtual Professional Learning

Virtual trainings are provided, accompanied with supplemental readings and engaged activities to

assess knowledge and deepen the levels of understanding to reach desired learning outcomes.




Conference Speaking Engagements

Conference speaking services include a public address to coalesce with the conference theme or

public event. This can be provided in conjunction with breakout workshop sessions, pre-conference

general sessions, or panel participation.




Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Professional Learning

JEDI professional learning aims to better understand multiple perspectives and how to meet the

needs of diverse groups of people. JEDI professional learning is specifically tailored to the needs or

interests of your organization. Try our respect walks, equity audits, or asset mapping!




Consulting & Team Building

Consultation and team building are collective approaches to build cohesion and trust within

your organization. This is provided across multiple days in accordance with other deliverables

in a tailored plan for positive transformation for your organization.

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